With a focus on the impact of women’s health tracking apps

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The consequences of technology evolve as technology continues to develop and integrate further into our lives and needs. Abraham Maslow, a prominent psychologist, focused on developing a hierarchy of human needs and broke down human wants and needs into the bare essentials. Each aspect of the hierarchy highlights a different avenue for the impact of technology on the human experience (Gravagna 2018). But technology is least effective in addressing the biological and physiological needs of humans (Gerstein 2014). However, currently technology is being developed to better integrate into our…

The Lifespan of News Stories via Schema Design

“The Lifespan of News Stories” is an interactive two-part information visualization from Google Trends with the purpose of demonstrating patterns in the search history of news events in the United States. Data from daily Google searches from six categories of news in 2018 has been encoded into a search interest plot over time (Lifespan). This website targets journalists and researchers interested in studying patterns in the shape of search interest plots, including the distinct shapes of the climb, peak, and fall of search interests. …

Using visualizations to explore data and pose questions.

Overview of Dataset

The World Indicators Dataset is originally from The World Bank and includes different indicators of the development of a country. This is a large dataset, with data collected across 207 countries, grouped into six regions, from 2000 to 2012 (Tableau). There are four groups of measures with five indicators related to business, seven related to development, five related to health, and six related to the country’s population. The data types included are nominal, interval, and ratio temporal data (Shneiderman, 2003). …

Meyhaa Buvanesh

Cognitive science enthusiast with a passion for public interest technology

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